Art School

How do These Classes Work?

Have you always wanted to learn to paint? Perhaps you have been disappointed with your art teachers in the past… It’s very different here. Come in and enjoy one of the painting classes in our lovely studio for people of all abilities, even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before.

You will come away feeling confident at last, really understanding the materials to use in that medium. Whether it’s oil, watercolour, acrylic, pastel or mixed media, we have fun classes filled with laughter and learning.

I love teaching and if you’re ready to learn from a teacher who explains things in Plain English so you really understand, you’ll be empowered to paint more, and create more beautiful artworks than you could have possibly imagined!

These Classes are Very Different

In most art classes, it’s usually a matter of watching an artist do a demonstration, then you being thrown in the deep end to try and struggle through for yourself, with the artist coming along and fixing up your mistakes. That way, you always need to go back to the same teacher again to keep struggling on, because you are not really understanding.

We believe that’s not really teaching!

Our classes are very different. I have broken down all the learning into a structured course of steps. In this way you experience all the different aspects of each medium yourself, by discovering it with the brush in your hand, painting exercises and creating finished paintings. I explain really clearly in plain English why things happen with the paint, and how to create beautiful paintings, step by step.

You receive handouts of notes as memory joggers for later on. You will create paintings all by yourself in our classes because you really understand how it all works.

Each lesson builds on the previous lesson’s knowledge and experience.

You will be Amazed at What You Can Do!

You will come away with the most amazing paintings that you have created all by yourself. You will even be able to go and create your own artworks after the class without a teacher helping you every step of the way, because you will understand how it all works.

Most people are amazed at what they learn in these classes.

You might even learn a thing or two about your little self in the process. You will find the classroom a positive, safe non-judgmental environment. Everyone enjoys quite a Zen approach to learning here.

I hope you come and join us for fun and laughter and learning!

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