DA365 “Jetty in Gold” Artwork

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Original Oil Painting by Jacqueline Hill

Ok. So today on the last day of 2018 I wanted to paint something really special and really colourful for you. This is a bigger painting in oil , something to watch a day (or year) close ready to welcome a fresh new day or year in. Happy memories of Glenelg beach in Adelaide where I grew up.


Thank you for travelling along with me for this mad daily painting madness this year. I hope you’ve had a ton of fun! Thank you for buying the little treasures of artworks that you’ve collected. I hope they bring you much joy for many years to come!

DA-365 “Jetty in Gold” Original oil on canvas board, 20×16″ (50x40cm). Daily Artwork for 31 Dec 2018, the 365th day of the year. Easy Payment Plan available.

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