DP243 “Magpie” Artwork

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Original Oil on Panel Painting by Jacqueline Hill

Original Painting oil on panel 6×6″ (150x150mm). Painting #243 of 365 from Daily Painting Series 2015. Painting for 31 August 2015.

I had an orphan baby magpie adopt me once, he just walked up to me at a bus stop, looked up at me and started squawking at me that he was hungry. I said oh alright and he followed me three blocks home. I had to hand feed him and I watched him learn to fly (hilarious). Then once he could feed himself, after a few days looking around outside, he got brave and joined the wild. He visited once or twice to say thank you. True story.

This photo taken by Yvonne Hill, used with permission and gratitude

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